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Christian Devaux

B.S.c., M.B B.Ch., F.A.C.P.M.

Clunes, Northern N.S.W

Important Patient Information

It became increasingly difficult for me to practice in mainstream medicine while utilizing natural therapies such as nutrition, osteopathy and hands on healing. Therefore at the end on 2017, after much thought and consideration I retired as a medical practitioner after 31 yrs. This was a decision made by myself and not by any organisation or governing body.  I wanted the freedom to be totally honest with my patients and to be able to offer what methods of treatment that were going to be most helpful to them.  I will continue to work as an Integrative healer, assessing patients and helping them to work out what the problem is at a deeper level and treating them using a gentle hands-on healing method based on my training in Biodynamic Osteopathy in the Cranial Field with Dr James Jealous. I also utilise my training in Human Nutrition and Function Medicine having completed training with The Institute of Functional Medicine and also Dr William Walsh (Bio balance) in the treatment of mental disorders utilising nutrition and supplementation.


The cost of a visit will be $150 (incl GST) 

Follow up appointments  $110 (incl GST) within 3 mths.

Regular Patients (seen more than twice a year) $110 (incl GST)

We offer families who are struggling financially to pay what they can afford. 

Please contact Emma for further information.