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Christian Devaux

B.S.c., M.B B.Ch., F.A.C.P.M.

Clunes, Northern N.S.W

Approach To Treatment

Pathways to Health

This practice is about seeking the deeper underlying cause; it is about looking at the why. It is not just about your bulging disc at L-5, but why you have this problem; seeking the key issue at the core of your complaint.  You may have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome, but instead of your wrist could the problem be in your lower neck, or in your pelvis as a result of a tension pattern associated with a deep loss which then impacts on your neck and wrists?

It is my belief that most problems (if not all) have a deeper underlying cause.

What about fatigue? Yes, there are some important medical causes which need to be excluded but having done that and you are still fatigued; could it be long standing anger or resentment which is affecting your liver and draining your lung's vitality weakening your kidneys and adrenals?  What about chronic worry, draining your liver's vitality, inhibiting your kidneys and adrenals.

What about the Biochemical processes called Methylation? Could you be an under methylator who can often have a flat mood and low energy; or could you have low zinc?

How about your headaches?  Could this be due to a birth trauma, or a head injury or a restricted palatine bone in your mouth from a difficult wisdom tooth extraction; or could it be a brain spasm as a result of a deep emotional tension or lesion?

What about depression? Could it be a result of loss, pregnancy miscarriage or termination of pregnancy; the loss of someone dear to you, or the loss of something, or lifestyle? It could be an ancestral lesion; a tension pattern passed on from either your mother or father due to loss of their own, or could it go further back in the family line? All of these leave a deep tension pattern in the body, from the brain to the pelvis and can have a profound effect on function in particular the midline of the body and its connection with the 3rd ventricle of the brain. Could your depression be due to a brain biochemical imbalance; caused by low serotonin due to inadequate Zinc and Vitamin B-6; or are you an under methylator with inadequate levels of serotonin and low levels of the nutrient SAMe. Are you taking folate which, in depressed under-methylators, can further reduce your serotonin levels?

What about behavioural issues in children? Could this be due to a Zinc/Copper imbalance; the elevated copper causing a drop-in dopamine levels and a rise in the stress hormones Adrenaline and nor adrenaline? Could it be that the child does not feel safe due to an inconsistent heart connection between parent and child? Could it be a result of dysfunction with in the parents, their anxiety or lack of inner peace that is impacting on the child. Could it be pyrrole disorder affecting Zinc and B-6 levels.

What about gut issues? Is it food intolerances; is it a parasite; is it an over growth of Streptococcus or candida in the gut; or is it really a neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain effecting the autonomic nervous system? Is it important which problem to treat first, the brain or the gut?

What about feeling lost, something missing, stuck, no direction, a lack of joy? Have you lost your connection with the health? Your source?

There is a structural integrity to the body, like a scaffolding, comprising a central midline, an anterior and posterior midline and two lateral midlines.  This integrity is very important for normal function and good health. Loss of this structure will lead to dysfunction and later over time contribute to disease. Multiple factors impact on the structural integrity including injury, disease, stress, emotions, brain chemical imbalances, intrauterine stress during foetal development, family or ancestral strain patterns. Even family members who are close to you can impact on your structure. Restoration of this framework is very important in improving function and helping patients to restore their health or in reaching their full health potential.


Treatment methods depend on what is best for the patient; for some a discussion regarding what is the underlying problem is all that is needed. For many patients a gentle hands-on treatment is the best and most effective approach to assist them.  Others need their nutritional or biochemical issues sorted first, especially those who have a brain neurotransmitter imbalance which may be a major contributing factor to their symptoms.

Hands-on treatment is very gentle and subtle. It involves resting one's hands usually under the patient and waiting quietly for a treatment process to begin. That is the potency, vital force or inner health shifts the awareness of the practitioner making it possible to see the treatment process, which could be going on in multiple places in the body. The practitioner's awareness and ability to see brings an added potency to the process. The ability to see depends on the practitioner’s perceptive ability and that ability deepens over years of experience.  The treatment usually results in areas of restriction starting to release which may continue for weeks as more health and vitality becomes available to areas of deficit. The final and most important result of a treatment is improved connection to 'source' and a feeling of inner peace. Some patients who are holding a lot of negative, repressed emotions may experience some of these emotions before improvement occurs. The effects of a treatment may go on for weeks.